January 22 2021          

Terms & Conditions



Our cancellation policy is located HERE.



You will need to pay a deposit to confirm your reservation. This deposit comes off your final balance. When you arrive, you only pay the balance of the rental. We do not take additional cash deposits or holds on your credit card.

Pontoon boats - $75 deposit
CraigCats - $50 deposit
Kayaks - $20 deposit
Sailing Charters - 30% of the total cost of the charter



Late Fees - if you are late returning the boat, you will be charged $10 per 15 minutes that you are late.

No drinking and driving. It's the LAW! If you get a BUI (Boating Under the Influence) it goes on your permanent driving record. FL State is 0.08 when driving a boat, just like a car.

Boats may only be driven by the designated driver/s on the contract. Drivers must be born before January 1, 1988 or PRESENT a Florida Boater Safety Card, or other state equivalent. No Exceptions.

You are responsible for your boat, motor, equipment and passengers. You break it, you bought it!

If you add a captain to your rental your are STILL responsible for any damages caused to the boat by your party. You are only absolved from any damages caused in the operation of the boat (such as damaged propeller, etc.)

The boat is provided to you with a full tank of fuel, you are responsible for any fuel you use at the advertised price of our local station plus $0.50 per gallon.



You will be required to sign a release on the behalf of your party when you arrive. You can download a copy here. Feel free to bring it with you pre-signed or sign one at our docks. Only one release is required for the entire party.

Sailing times and dates are subject to change without notice to due weather conditions and tides.

We are licensed for SIX (6) passengers PER BOAT ONLY. Yes, children and adults, whatever age or size, are considered a passenger according to the US Coast Guard. DO NOT ask us to take 7 or more passengers.

We reserve the right to switch out sailboats on you.

Gratuities are standard in this industry for your captain and crew and accounts for a substantial portion of their salary. Gratuities are typically between 15 -20% + or more based on the level of service you have received. Click HERE for a tipping guide.

BEER MUST BE IN PLASTIC OR ALUMINUM CANS! Please do not bring glass containers of any type, such as bottled beer, drinking glasses, etc. Glass breaks when the sailboat is a-rockin'! You MAY bring bottled WHITE wine or champagne - we will stow it in the galley.

ABSOLUTELY NO RED WINE!! (It leaves horrible stains if spilled that we cannot get out). Red wine is confiscated by Capt. Wendy and she has a party at the dock while you are gone.

DO NOT wear sneakers, sandals or shoes with BLACK SOLES. Wear only white soles, or non- marking soles - or just come barefoot, that's what we do!