January 22 2021          

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On-line Reservation Software for all your Rentals!

Online Reservation Software

Now you can offer customers the ability to book reservations directly from your website. The IMS Marina/car/boat/campground/condo, etc. Rental software is a highly advanced, inexpensive yet easy to use, Internet rental and reservation software system for property / equipment for rental companies.

This rental software allows a Marina/car/boat/campground/condo, etc. rental company to implement an online reservation system through their website without significant investment in a large, complex tailored system.

You will be able to establish an online 24/7 service that will attract new customers and fill sites that might otherwise have gone vacant by allowing visitors to book reservations no matter what time of the day or night.

  • An on-line, web-based Marina/car/boat/campground/condo, etc. reservation service built directly into your own website
  • Allows customers to make confirmed bookings quickly and efficiently
  • Reflects utilization-sensitive rates and up-to-the-minute availability, automatically in real time
  • Easily customized for corporate branding and integrated into your website
  • Easily customized with your form questions and pricing using our powerful options generator.
  • Add-on option available for "Active Maps" which are maps of your property/boat seating, etc, that you can click on to make a reservation.

It reduces time spent on managing inventory and responding to inquiries that do not result in sales.

Customers are able to check available inventory and complete a space booking online making the reservation process more efficient and less time consuming to both parties.

The IMS Rental software can be integrated with all of our existing systems, IMScart eCommerce, IMS Voyager or Voyager Tour Desk.

Give your customers a superior shopping experience with all the features of the big online rental agencies at a fraction of the price.