January 23 2021          


If the boat you want is not listed, that means it has been booked out.

DO NOT attempt to select a time from the drop down, instead select one of the available packages listed below the pickup time.



If you add a beach BBQ to your boat rental or sailboat charter, once you have submited your reservation, there will be a link you can click on in order to choose your menu. This link will also appear in the email confirmation you receive from us. Be sure to look out for this as it will determine your pricing and confirm your BBQ.



We have the following items for rent at our marina. These are offered on a first come first served basis and cannot be pre-reserved. However we have a lot of them so you should be just fine!

Cooler  - $5 each

(includes FREE ice)

Fishing Rods - $7 each

Tackle box - $7 each

Beach Chair - $3 each

Snorkel Gear - $7 set



We sell the following items at our marina:

Frozen Bait - $4/bag - 8oz

(squid, shrimp, fish)

Sodas - $1 each

Water - $1 each

Trash Bags - $2 each

Firewood - $15/bundle

Trash Bag - $2 each



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